Identifying and managing troubled projects

The “Identifying and managing troubled projects” article from Federal Computer Week is accurate. I became known for a time as the “failing project rescue specialist”.  I go into more detail in my presentation “Rescuing Failing Projects“.  The key is truly managing stake holder expectations.

We have found that using Rofori for project team communications inherently keeps the project team members  informed enabling the Project Manager to effectively communicate with the stake holders.

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– David



Welcome to “The rofori Effect!” blog

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This is the official blog for rofori®. In this blog, we would like to provide information about team communications and making a team effective through communication.  We would also like to discuss interesting aspects of the technology we use and pertinent industry topics.

So, what is “The rofori® Effect” and why have we used it for the name of this blog?

Well, when one of us would describe to someone how you could use rofori® and the benefits you could get from it, most often at some point in describing different ways people could use rofori® for their groups that were business, professional, or personal oriented, their face, voice, and level of excitement would suddenly change and you would instantly know that they “got it”.  I can only describe the change in the participant’s demeanor as ‘the delight of discovery’.

As we would describe the conversation to brief the other members of the rofori® team, Will came up with the term “Ahhh, the rofori effect”.  That statement represents the moment that the person ‘got it’, and the change in excitement that results in people winding themselves up about new possibilities of disruptive change.

My hope for this blog is to be able to communicate at least some of the possibilities and excitement that we have as a result of learning what rofori® can do for us!

To find out more, please check out the web site and review the Introduction and Ways to Use rofori videos.

Thank you for your time and interest!